Tuesday, April 07, 2009


It's a real nod to the 50s monster movie flick, but all slicked up and polished for the new century. Have a seat and forget about all the modern threats of disaster.  Monsters!  Aliens!  In the same flick!   

The main reason we went to the theatre to see this movie is THE CAST.  Some of our favourites provide voices, and I'm sure, mannerisms to these characters.  Plus it's something we can all enjoy; with our kids outgrowing most of the G rated flicks, but me being quite squeamish about scary/ violent/ way too grownup movies, we're all happy with the PG rated comedies.  

This sucker is pretty darn funny.

It has the required action-chase stuff that kind of zones me out every time.  I tire easily of seeing buildings get destroyed and shoot-outs and crap.  However, there are some laugh out loud moments here to make it all worth it.

You don't need to know much going in.  The basic plot starter is a young woman's journey from agreeable bride to empowered woman.  Yup, that's what it is.  Kid you not.  Call it what you want, that's the core of it.  Mind you, being a woman of rather small stature, I couldn't help but chafe that in order to gain her power she's gotta be like, 40 feet tall and super strong.  Yeah yeah, symbolism, whatevs.  Seriously.  It's still all about physical strength.  Blah.

Also, why in 2009 do we still have to be going on about how a girl doesn't have to marry a doofus and do whatever he wants to do?  Duh.  Okay I'm over it now.  

On with the FUNNY!

It's no secret that I adore Rainn Wilson.  We all do.  He's SO good in this character that I forgot it was him.  As the evil alien overlord GALLAXHAR, there is no trace of his dorky Dwight Schrute.  Just pure self centred, power hungry would-be dictator of the universe!

This guy has one of the best voices in the biz these days.  Love his voice.  Watch for the part where GALLAXHAR tells his life story while taking a turn in the cloning machine.  That was awesome, I mean it, I'd watch that ten times in a row if I could.

Ask anybody who sees it who their favourite character is and I bet they'd say B.O.B.

Seth Rogen amps up the adorable for this one.  And, his timing is perfect.  

Reese Witherspoon is tiny and blonde.  Ginormica is giant and shaped like a Barbie doll.  Oddly enough it works. 

Hugh Laurie as Dr Cockroach, PhD.   I really am not familiar with this guy because I've never watched his big TV show, but you know what?
This is the first Cockroach, EVER, who has not sent me into fits of shivering disgust.  I actually quite liked him!

Ah... Will Arnett.  I love that guy.  Who better than to play the Missing Link, that slimy arrogant creature?  
On top of that, Stephen Colbert as the clueless, Reagan-haired, finger-cannon-throwing President, and Kiefer Sutherland as General W.R. Monger (geddit???).  Watch the credits at the end, because there are more.  Hint: keep your eye on "Katie and Cuthbert" on their date.  

One of the big deals about this movie is that supposedly you can see it in 3-D.  I can't figure out why you'd bother.  We saw it without the hassle of the funny glasses, and I thought it was 3-D enough.  Maybe I'm wrong and the technology has improved even in the last couple of years, but in general I find that it makes my eyes go squirrelly and I can't keep watching.  As it is, the movie looks very layered.  In fact, for the first five minutes I kept thinking, "Oh, where the guy points at something... that'd be where it jumps out at us.  Got it.  Next."  

Often I was amazed at the visuals.  The detail is incredible.   I mean, LOOK at this.  

Every cloud, every leaf, every blade of grass.  It's hyper-real.  Except for Ginormica's waist... I think they could have made that a little more real.  Just sayin.