Friday, April 14, 2006

Entertainment from the Hick's Eye View

I like entertainment. Before I started Blogging...actually before I knew what the hell "blogging" was, I used to do "Mommy's Movie Night." The kids had to go to bed and shut their pretty little eyes and not get up and bug me because I was on the couch watching MY video.

Because I have a bizarre need to document everything, I wrote up a review of each movie, including best scenes, what I Iiked, what I didn't like, and whether or not I would recommend anybody else spend their money to see it.

I think so highly of my reviewing skills that I'm about to inflict them on you. Movies, music, books, and whatever else I get my eyes and ears on; it'll all be here. I'm not big on computers but, I think thishere fancy "Inter Net" is great for those who live outside of the big city. You don't have to drive anywhere to get your entertainment fix.

You just have to come here!

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Big Orange said...

I donna' think there's NUTHIN' bizarre about documentin' everything! I do it all the time on 6 different blogs! It's a shame I've got to go to WORK otherwise I'd spend all day jes' bloggin...