Wednesday, July 04, 2007

THE TIN BOX and THE PENNY TREE by Holly Kennedy

If you're looking for something good to read this summer, let me point you to Holly Kennedy. I'm a little biased because I read Holly's blog regularly, and I like her. But that's beside the point: these are two good solid novels with stories that will pull you in and keep your lamp on after it gets dark outside!

The Tin Box is especially memorable for a very unlikely hero. Like the heroine, Kenly, you will find yourself falling for the physically flawed but funny and sensitive Tommy. It's a story about friendship, loyalty, secrets, and love that lasts. I won't tell you any more because I want you to just go read it. Support the author and buy the book so she can afford to keep writing more! (Besides, if you've ever wanted to build a treehouse, you should read this book!) Warning: you will cry when you read this book. It's okay. It's a good cry.

The Penny Tree is a quicker paced story with humour and a surprising twist! The heroine in this story has a pile of overwhelming problems, which would be difficult enough, until a mysterious admirer starts placing ads in the paper with the intent of finding her. Now on top of a divorce, two sons, a crappy job and a worrisome mother, she's got national media attention to deal with.

I've been reading with an eye for learning how a book works, as well as just for the pure love of reading. I learned a few things about how to pace a story, how much detail to give out at a time, and how to write a happy ending without beating the reader over the head with happiness.

Pop one of these into your bag for your vacation reading. You can thank me later.


Holly Kennedy said...

Heidi, you are a doll! Truly.

Thanks for the shout out of support and for taking the
time to read both of my novels.
If I could send yah a mini-horse to show my appreciation,
I would :-)

Heidi the Hick said...

You'd need to poke air holes in the box though!

You're welcome- I really couldn't put either one of them down!